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Bad Puppy Terrorizes Dallas Streets, Sends Thousands to Cobbler

BREAKING NEWS - April 1, 2021 - A warning has been issued to local Dallas-area residents after an adorably evil shoe-eating mutant puppy was spotted stealing and chewing up innocent shoes on Mockingbird Lane. According to owner, Anita Cobbler, "our new puppy seemed so mild mannered at first, but as soon as she tasted her first high heel it was game over. She couldn't be controlled after that."

Authorities are asking locals to remain calm. Dallas's Chief Puppy Whisperer, Candice Befixed, warns the community to "not be fooled by the overwhelming cuteness of a puppy. These creatures are dangerous. If a menacing puppy gets ahold of your shoes, DON'T PANIC. Immediately transport the injured footwear to The Cobbler for rescue."

Happy April Fool's Day!

This story may be a joke, but our ability to repair doggie-eaten shoes is NOT! We can save your shoes, boots, bags, or whatever other delicious leather items your puppy loves to gnaw on. P.S. No puppies were injured during the photoshopping of googly eyes.

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