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Women's Orthopedic Build Ups and Shoe Lifts in Dallas, Texas

Women's Orthopedic Build-Ups and Orthopedic Shoe Lifts  by The Cobbler

Orthopedic Build Ups and Orthopedic Shoe Lifts for LLD Patients

Our team at The Cobbler can perform orthopedic build-ups, or orthopedic shoe lifts, on shoes or boots for anyone with leg length discrepancy (LLD). These buildups range from an 1/8 inch lift and up to 3 inches tall, as needed, and we work hard to ensure a balanced orthopedic adjustment.

For these build-ups, we use an orthopedic material called “cloud crepe”, a cushion-type rubber that is light-weight and flexible—yet extremely durable. Cloud crepe comes in many different colors and thicknesses and can be used for any type of shoe lifting project.

A crepe build-up is either placed on top of the original sole to closely match the other shoe, or we can remove the very bottom (1/4 inch) of the original sole (also called a split-sole process), place the prescribed cloud crepe buildup onto the shoe, and then re-cement the original sole bottom back to the crepe build-up. This is called a "sandwich build-up" and it allows you to keep the original manufacturer's sole tread and cosmetic look. To finish, we create a comfortable rocker toe for proper rotation during wear.

After a professional orthopedic build-up is completed by our cobblers, it really shouldn’t be too noticeable. However, the comfort and protection it provides to the user will change daily life in the best of ways!

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